The Breckenridge Hills Police Department is committed to providing residents a safe community in which to live, play, and work.  In addition to the many community relations programs and pro-active policing techniques, one of the best crime reduction strategies available is the eyes and ears of concerned citizens.  By watching for suspicious people or questionable activity, those individuals can help the police reduce and perhaps even eliminate some crimes in their neighborhood.


Often, criminal activity is related to drug activity; thieves frequently steal to pay for the drugs they use and drug sellers take the money without questioning where it came from.  Most of those transactions occur wherever it is convenient for both the seller and buyer, regardless of the neighborhood.  Residents may notice what appears to be nothing more than a casual greeting between a pedestrian and the occupants of a vehicle, or a quick visit to someone’s door; but are these contacts as innocent as they seem?


If you have observed any suspicious activity or noticed anything you believe might interest the police department, but you were unsure of what officers would need to know in order to act, review the below list of questions and answer them as best you can:




To ensure that this information is acted upon quickly, contact , commander of the Community Response Unit, The information you provide, along with your name and address, will be kept completely confidential.